Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018

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Otkrytiye Arena in Moscow


Otkrytiye Arena
Photo from top-pics.ru

Otkritie Arena (Russian: «Открытие Арена»; IPA: [ɐtˈkrɨtʲɪjə ɐˈrʲenə]) is a multi-purpose stadium in Moscow, Russia. The venue is used mostly for football matches, hosting the home matches of Spartak Moscow and occasionally the Russian national team. It will be called Spartak Stadium during the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup. The stadium is designed with a capacity of 45,360 people.


Square near Otkrytiye Arena
Otkrytiye Arena inside

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 2 July 2007, but after that the conctruction process was delayed multiple times for different reasons. The completion of the construction was scheduled for 2009—2010, but as of 2009 the stadium was only in the design stage. In the 2010 the stadium project underwent revision because it was rejected by an architectural council. The project was found too ordinary. The current design has been developed by AECOM, in association with Sport Concepts, and façade designer, Dexter Moren Associates and will also neighbour a separate indoor arena. The main financing of the construction came from the club's owner Leonid Fedun through affiliated companies LUKoil company and IFD Kapital. Simultaneously with the construction of the stadium was completed the nearby metro station Spartak which was conserved in the construction stage in 1975. 19 February 2013 it was released that the new stadium will be named «Otkrytiye Arena» 6 years under the terms of the contract with the new sponsor Otkrytiye. 21 August 2014 near the north tribune inside the stadium was opened the monument in the memory of Starostin brothers the founders of FC Spartak Moscow, on the square near the stadium was opened 24,5m high sculpture of the Roman Gladiator Spartacus, who had given a name of the club. The stadium was officially opened on 5 September 2014. Spartak played against Red Star Belgrade and drew 1–1, with Dmitry Kombarov scoring a first goal for Spartak at the new stadium after a free-kick. The stadium was constructed on the site of the Tushino Airport. The new stadium is included in the Russia's bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, possibly hosting the opening game, as the Luzhniki Stadium is to host the final. The stadium is to be completed ahead of the VTB Arena to hold the rights. It will also be one of four stadiums used for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. Artists such as Incubus, Triggerfinger (Park Live 2015) have all performed concerts in the stadium.

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

Date Time Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance June 18, 2017 21:00  Cameroon 0–2  Chile Group B 33,492 June 21, 2017 18:00  Russia 0–1  Portugal Group A 42,759 June 25, 2017 18:00  Chile 1–1  Australia Group B 33,639 July 2, 2017 15:00  Portugal 2–1 (a.e.t.)  Mexico Third place match 42,659

2018 FIFA World Cup

Date Time Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance June 16, 2018 16:00 D1 – D2 Group D June 19, 2018 15:00 H1 – H2 Group H June 23, 2018 15:00 G1 – G3 Group G June 27, 2018 21:00 E4 – E1 Group E July 3, 2018 21:00 Winner Group H – Runner-up Group G Round of 16


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Website: spartak.com


12.02.2018 Mohsen
There was Depeche Mode concert
23.12.2017 Sisira
Spartak Stadium's appearance is a matter of great pride. Its façade takes the form of chain mail consisting of hundreds of little diamonds representing the Spartak logo. The façade can be changed depending on which team is playing. For Spartak matches, the arena is bathed in red-and-white; when the national team is in town, it switches to the colours of the Russian flag.
Host City: Moscow
Project: New stadium
Capacity: 45,000*
Location: Tushino
Home Team: FC Spartak Moscow
21.12.2017 Chia
Nice arena with a pretty cool Spartan warrior statue outside. The club store is awesome, with lots of stocking and great staffs.
02.12.2017 Saber
We will come soon and we will breaker belgique 2-1.Good luck to Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia ......Super amazing stadium
01.10.2017 Dasha
when I see this tip in a year from now I will have an answer to the question if they're able to handle World Cup crowd entrance properly. Current expectation is NO??‍♀️
19.08.2017 Aleksandr
Gorgeous stadium!!! I think the most beautiful in Russia!!! Perfect concept, easy to get to!!! The only thing not impressive is the name of the OPEN ARENA!!!! Really it was impossible for the club to call????? Once again, but this is the best stadium in the country!!! The organization sucks, nobody knows anything!!!! It was the match Spartak Lokomotiv for more than an hour looking for the guest bleachers, neither Stewart nor h does not know!!! Asked more than 15 people!!!
 Not bad
15.08.2017 Nataliya
In the Open arena was at the Depeche Mode concert, the organization is terrible, at least from the subway, spent a lot of time to reach the "open" sign, because I worked only two and could not cope with the flow of people, the passage of control through the framework took almost an hour. The arena is huge, the designation of sectors in a chaotic manner, no signs - well are employees who can clarify. Convenient grandstand, under the roof, in the rain, it was comfortable and the stage shows were great, the sound is good - loud, but the entrance was a pity - they are right in the center on the field in the rain IOC, and hardly something they had seen in the flea market. In General, as always - the idea is good, the location convenient, but with the organization of a complete disaster.
26.07.2017 Valentin
Great stadium for football! If you came to a concert, you should totally take the tickets that would be on the pitch, from the stands is hard to see. Disgustingly organized the entrance to the metro after the event.
25.07.2017 Maria
Was at the Depeche Mode concert in the fanzone. Great sound! Surprised by the lack of metal detectors (but may not have noticed)
21.07.2017 Stepan
A great stadium. Excellent organization. If you are going to a concert, get tickets to the fanzone or dance stalls with seats too far from the stage.
21.07.2017 Anastasiya
Great stadium! It's great that it is open. There is always fresh air and the feeling of an open air concert. Loved it at the highest row 29 row.
Was there at the concert Depechmode, everything went perfectly. After the concert the rain came and kept the rostrum, the organizers did not panic and switched some tracks Depechmode in the record. Big they respect.
20.07.2017 Cammy
Very interesting stadium and history. Tour guide spoke excellent English as well as Russian, of course. The museum at the end of the tour is full of cool stuff, incorporating lots of modern technology to view some older materials, which is well worth seeing. For 700 rubles it's a good deal.

Очень интересный стадион и история Спартака тоже интересно. Музей Спартака очень классно, и люди там приятные. Если ты трибуна Спартака, тогда будет хорошо, я уверен!
16.07.2017 Maksim
14.07.2017 Dmitry
Was in Leningrad. The stadium itself is OK, the performance is great, but the work of the local employees-it does not work. On the part of the subway exit no signs, because you can go a kilometer and find out what your ticket to go in the other direction the same kilometer. The police and other comrades in the form of, at best, say Nitsche not know, at worst I can not help Desk. Declaring the staff there. The stadium staff is different. There are friendly staff, there is a mad screaming chavs (in orange vests). After the event the entrance to the metro is through a cordon of riot police. Feeling for everybody. Maybe the administration of the stadium used for football hooligans, but for ordinary people, especially at concerts, it looks crazy.
14.07.2017 Ivan
The organization of the event competent overall, if not for one thing: do not let the disabled Parking for the disabled, in the notation of car with producing the relevant documents. The refusal was motivated by the need to purchase my pre-pass on entry. When purchasing tickets, any information on this fiction. No solution to this problem proposed fiction. Causing barely seeing the man who on the street moves with the accompaniment had more than an hour to walk from the place vinujdeni Parking to the stadium and almost two back. Crazy how many where there have been, this is the first place. The event is the performance of the group Leningrad 13.07.17 did a great job! Positive sea and good mood, but osadochek, as they say, remained. So if anything, keep in mind...
 Not bad
13.07.2017 Szczepan
Beautiful stadium. Be aware of traffic if you drive or take a taxi from city centre
05.07.2017 Jason
Lovely modern stadium, it is almost impossible to get a bad seat. Even at the top of the second tier you get a good view of the field.
27.06.2017 Manu
Best stadium in Moscow.
22.06.2017 Galina
I really like arena Spartacus. And anyway, it would be better all the Confederations Cup matches were held here!!!
21.06.2017 cumbie1971
Fantastic ground. Watched Chile v Cameroon and the atmosphere was fantastic
14.06.2017 Andrey
Very comfortable stadium, you also can bring your children, there is special sector for families. Spartak fans are always very active and loud, so you can take part in this action ?
13.06.2017 Alexey
The modern stadium, which will host matches of the Confederations Cup 2017 and the 2018 World Cup. At the North stands a monument to the slave and rebel ? #кк2017 #chm2018 #Spartacus
01.05.2017 Alexander
Probably the best stadium in Russia, which has an excellent design in the club colours. Agile control, friendly stewards, good acoustics, spacious Lounges, where you can eat.
17.04.2017 Vladimir
Beautiful weather on the Opening :) +11 in St. Petersburg, +10 in Moscow!
27.01.2017 Dmitry
One of the (if not the) modern stadiums in the country. All cool and comfortable. Spartacus forever!
22.10.2016 DJ
One for all! And all for one!The best,our Home.
21.10.2016 Andrey
Comfortable seats, reasonably friendly staff and security. The experience seems to be getting better from game to game.
30.08.2016 Alexandr
Best stadium! Spartacus God bless!
20.07.2016 Andrey
Was at the concert and loved it. The location is good. But after the road to the metro freaked, all in our best tradition. Long and uncomfortable.
15.07.2016 Ben
No beer :'(
15.07.2016 Ilya
Unfinished! Built, built and never completed. No Parking, and approach the stadium task is not easy. And the outside looks beautiful
16.06.2016 Evgeniya
Great stadium, comfortable to be in. Football can not only be viewed from the podium, and even munching a hot dog at the table
08.04.2016 Matteo
Very nice restyling! Absolutely comfortable for a "game day" experience. 5*****. #OrthodoxBrothers
01.04.2016 Mikhail
Stunningly beautiful facility!!! and the result of our team was also positive, so doubly nice!
26.03.2016 Dmitriy
The best, in my opinion, football stadium in Moscow. Parking while solid neponyatki, so I recommend metro.
22.03.2016 Darya
At the moment the best and most modern in Moscow stadium ???
27.12.2015 Alexey
Great arena
05.12.2015 Yuriy
In my opinion, one of the best stadiums in Europe and definitely the best in Russia. And most importantly by metro just 200 metres away!!!
25.11.2015 Marina
Excellent modern stadium. The toilet is clean! The main thing in winter - dress warmly), you can buy tea and snacks
01.11.2015 Murat
Newly built stadium, good atmosphere, ideal for music concerts and festivals
21.10.2015 Anastasiya
A lovely comfortable and modern arena! Have a nice time in this place. The only minus-no Parking.
12.10.2015 Timur
Life hack: the Lids from coffee at Burgerking suited to large cups that give under water.The only way not to throw a neighbor(give cups with lids by default, no one guessed)
29.09.2015 Nastya
A really big stadium. But the fact that the entire game burning fireworks causes to doubt the quality of protection. Released from the stadium an hour.
13.09.2015 Julia
A great modern stadium, queues at the entrance (match Russia-Sweden) was not
18.08.2015 Sergey
Best stadium in the country! Very cozy! And most importantly - red-white!
26.06.2015 Polina
Beautifully done stadium. As when it is dark, nice lighting, lights and slowly fades away, like a heartbeat
24.06.2015 Alyona
Fantastic facility, VIP boxes super comfortable !
14.06.2015 Anastasiya
It's nice that next to the subway ! Very convenient! Great location , but unpleasant around the wasteland
05.05.2015 Dmitriy
The words "cozy" and "home" are very suited to this stadium! For the fans there! Worth a go everyone!
04.05.2015 Irina
Great staff, spacious Lounges) + high and low screens to watch the game even from outside the stand! Well, the design of the stadium I liked it :)
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