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Hodegetria church in Vyazma


Hodegetria church 17th century is Vyazma symbol

Hodegetria church 

The Church of Hodegetria is a unique example of Russian architecture included in the UNESCO monuments of world importance. Only three survived three - hipped roof of the temple, where the domes are set in a row: in Vyazma, Uglich and Putinka. This is due to the impact of the reform of Patriarch Nikon, who ordered to destroy the existing three-domed churches and was not allowed to build new ones. Vyazma's church is one of the three most beautiful and elegant decorated with corbel arches, glazed tiles and carved details.

The stone Church was build with funds provided by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, who was visiting the city with family and surrounded by numerous and even lived in it in 1650, the Church was built in honor of the icon of the Hodegetria Mother of God Smolensk. "Hodegetria" is translated from the Greek - "She who shows the Way".

Hodegetria church - фото 1  


The Church is located on the territory of St. John the Baptist convent.

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Hodegetria church - photo 1Иконостас церкви Одигитрии, 2007 гHodegetria church - photo 3Hodegetria church - photo 4Hodegetria church - photo 5Hodegetria church - photo 6Hodegetria church - photo 7Hodegetria church - photo 8Hodegetria church - photo 9Hodegetria church - photo 10Hodegetria church - photo 11Hodegetria church - photo 12Вязьма, Иоано-Предтечев монастырь, храм Божией Матери ОдигитрииВязьма. Церковь ОдигитрииВязьма. Иоанно Предтеченский монастырь. Церковь ОдигитрииЦерковь  иконы Божьей матери Одигитрии  монастырь Иоанна ПредтечиЦерковь ОдигитрииВязьма

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