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Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin


Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin 

Epiphany Cathedral is a former Cathedral in the Tula Kremlin, which now houses the Tula state Museum of weapons.

The Cathedral was built in 1862 in memory of the fallen soldiers in the war of 1812. The creator of the Russian style in church building of the nineteenth century (in which is erected the Cathedral of the Epiphany) is the architect Konstantin Ton, the author of the project of the temple of Christ the Savior. The author of the Epiphany Cathedral is Tula architect M. Mikhailov. The dome is painted by Moscow icon painter Simeon Borisov. The Cathedral fits in perfectly with the architectural ensemble of the Tula Kremlin:

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 1

On 16 February 1930 the Cathedral of the Epiphany was closed. Four little domes were demolished and the main dome was rebuilt for new needs. In the 1960-ies it was decided to place the Tula state Museum of weapons in the Cathedral. The entrance to the Museum was built from the east by breaking the wall of the altar and making a brick outhouse. It was installed reinforced concrete monolithic slab, after which the building became two-storied. The new building of the Tula Museum of arms was erected in March 2012. This is a six-storey building with a dome in the form of heroic helmet of a Russian soldier is located on the opposite side of the river. To date (April 2015) part of the exposure is already transferred to the new museum, but Epiphany Cathedral still has a permanent exhibition. Outside, the building is being restored.

The first floor is dedicated to the cold arms of the East:

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 2 Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 3 Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 4 Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 5

The second floor is devoted to the postwar models of firearms and equipment.

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 6 Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 7

Here you can find unique samples - small versions of real weapons. For example a cannon the size of a phone that can shoot!

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 8

or rifle on a rice grain, which can be seen only with a magnifying glass:

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 9

The painting of the vaults were made in the symbols of Tula gunsmiths of Soviet times:

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 10 Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 11 Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - фото 12

Tickets can be purchased at once and to visit the Tula Museum of the weapon "The Helmet". In "The Helmet" it is shown modern weapons exhibition "Russian Shield", interactive programs and conducting special educational programmes for schoolchildren.

Photo (52)

Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 1Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 2Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 3Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 4Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 5Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 6Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 7Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 8Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 9Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 10Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 11Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 12Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 13Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 14Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 15Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 16Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 17Museum of weapons in Tula Kremlin - photo 18Тульский кремль. Электростанция XIXв. 27/11/2007г.Собор Богоявления в КремлеBogojavlensky a cathedral. Богоявленский собор.Свято-Успенский собор (сооружён в 1762-1764гг)Герб ТулыВ Тульском КремлеБашня Ивановских воротChurch. Успенский собор Тульского кремля.Тула. Кремль.Тульский кремльУспенский собор тульского кремлямузей оружияТула,кремль.俄罗斯图拉州的克里姆林宫кремлевские  стеныТульский кремль, Успенский соборКремльТульский кремлькремлевские  стеныТулаТулаТулаТульский Кремль. Ивановская башняВ Тульском кремле.Тульский Кремль. Богоявленский соборТульский Кремль. Ивановская башняТульский Кремль. Богоявленский соборТула. Успенский кафедральный собор. 1898-1902гг.ТулаTula Kremlin, Assumption Cathedral/ Успенский собор Тульского кремляХрам Преображения ГосподняТулаТулатульский пряник

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Address: 300000, Тульская область, г. Тула, Кремль


06.01.2018 Sergey
Музей превосходный. Хорошая экспозиция. Уникальные экспонаты. Лучше брать экскурсию. Смело планируете 2-3 часа, если хотите посмотреть всё. Минимум 1 час. Экскурсия 1000р с группы. Билет 400р взрослый.
Огромный минус - нет нормальной парковки. От слова совсем. Только на прилегающих улицах. Вариант- запарковаться за музеем на берегу реки на грунтовой площадке с жидкой грязью.
30.09.2017 Mihai
New and very intercative. A must to visit!
30.08.2017 Alex
Museum has weapon exposition from middle age till now. But 4th and 5th floors with modern weaponry are under construction
 Not bad
29.06.2017 The
The Museum is very beautiful and there are a lot weapons out there. It is a tourist place.
13.06.2017 Denis
Incredible modern​ exhibition if various type of weapons from different epoch! Must see!
31.05.2017 Alexei
Pretty cool museum with a big variety of arms.
Too bad the top floors were closed where the most modern weapons are.
12.02.2017 Denis
Narva with the new arms Museum contains a large collection of interesting weapons.
09.02.2017 Stanislav
cool Museum, made to last. meaningful Tula place
28.01.2017 Vades
A beautiful Museum.one can wander.I recommend a visit.
23.01.2017 Ekaterina
Large modern interactive Museum. Everyone can find something interesting for yourself!
20.01.2017 Kardan
Great Museum!!!
13.01.2017 Mike
The exposition could be more exciting, although it all the time join
11.01.2017 Olga
The Museum is cool! Did his conscience! A lot of interactive areas around each funiture are tablets and you can read full details about the exhibit and even view detailed photo! Very cool place! To visit!!!
16.12.2016 Viktoriya
Like a flea on a piece of rice.
11.04.2016 Juliana
Weapons Museum in the Kremlin. Very polite staff.
04.03.2016 Xuxa
Lovely Museum! A huge and varied display! Museum matron is just lovely - all tell and show! A lot of interactive pieces. You can spend the whole day!
02.02.2016 Viacheslav
Entrance 350 RUB Consists of two museums: the old and the new. There are souvenir stalls. Better with a guided tour.
04.01.2016 Dmitry
Excellent exposure, lots of multimedia chips.
08.12.2015 Morrie
Everything of value was moved to the new Museum, the exhibits were quite sad, in a building of some kind of terrible devastation, very uncomfortable. Not even worth the time to spend, it is better to go to the Museum-helmet.
07.09.2015 Hop
A large Museum, the collection is impressive. Especially interesting is the part devoted to the great Patriotic war. Very nice people working!
08.01.2015 Alexander
Students - free
03.01.2015 Evgeniy
Now the exposition is transferred to the new building on October. And there will be exhibitions. The entrance to each building - 200. If you take in both buildings at once - 300.
03.01.2015 Alexander
In the late 70-ies the building of the former Cathedral of the Epiphany in the territory of the Tula Kremlin was transferred to an arms factory, as the number of exhibits was very high and could not be accommodated at the plant
14.07.2014 Alina
Unnecessary expensive ticket. The girls will be bored. Free wifi rocks. the toilet is awful. note the painted ceilings is lol.
14.06.2014 Evgeny
I recommend to all. Free wi-fi
07.05.2014 Aleksey
Very friendly Rangers and staff are always happy to tell all. Excellent exposure.
01.05.2014 Anna
Don't forget to look at the second floor of a shod flea and rifle 3mm
02.01.2014 Dwiajeng
Very Russian ;)
19.10.2013 Anna
The Museum is very interesting.Many interesting exhibits. Museum staff unfriendly. Rude talking, rude. Toilet as from last century, dirty, no paper.
06.10.2013 Olga
Savvy flea don't miss it)
13.08.2013 Kirill
Very good staff desired. Good exposure. I liked it.
11.08.2013 Aleksandr
The flea - the highlight of the tour. The bypass only took us 15 minutes.
03.08.2013 Sergey
A huge variety of means of destruction of their own kind :) In the center of the hall on the second floor - savvy flea!
22.07.2013 Tatyana
The collection of the Museum gives the opportunity to trace the evolution of arms since the late 16 century. Among the exhibits of firearms and edged weapons. The exposition is the product of the Tula arms factory.
05.05.2013 Evgeniya
surly ladies and uninformative exposition. Despite all of the above - Tul definite must-visit. The boys in the subject so do be sure to visit
03.05.2013 Anna
Be sure to pay attention to savvy flea-impressive!)
22.09.2012 Margarita
Now open until 20:00 - was hoping to get, but lucky
01.07.2012 Anton
Very cool Museum of vintage weapons - of this and killed come under Schubert, taking off his hat. Definitely worth a go.
01.06.2012 Polina
Entrance to the territory of the Kremlin pay: 20 rubles adults, 10 $ children
06.04.2012 S
Judging by the trap in the surrounding streets gave a group of individuals that sell striped sticks, today we will be opening. Servility.
30.01.2012 Ilya
A lot of unique weapons. But, as in most Russian museums, here is quite sad.
04.07.2010 Denis
Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m - 4:45 p.m. Closed: Monday, Tuesday and the last Thursday of each month.
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