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Sanatorium «Sanatorij "Amra"» in Gagra, Abkhazia

Abkhazia, Gagra, prospekt V. Ardzinba (byvs. Nartaa), d. 34
Distance from centre: 3.1 km
Contacts: official website:
Coordinates: 43.3121, 40.2499 Show on map


The resort is located in the old part of Gagra, which is an arboretum, which involves a large number of exotic plants. The peculiarity of the location of the resort is that of a high mountain rises to the sea, close to the grounds of the resort and the beach from cold winds. Health resort ideal for relaxation, families with children, elderly, for those people who want to healing of cheerfulness and health.

Restored: 2016

Location: city of Gagra, 35 km from Sochi airport, near popular restaurant "gagripsh", "Nart", "Magnolia", "tropikanka".

Consists of 3-storey building.

Beach: own pebble, 50 m from the hotel (1 coastline). Umbrellas and sunbeds for a fee.

Profiles of treatment:

  • cardiovascular system
  • musculoskeletal system
  • neurosis
  • diseases of the respiratory system
  • physiotherapy
  • ECG
  • Spa oil, eucalyptus, mineral water "Aadhar",
  • ultrasonic. (01.06-15.06, 16.06-10.10)

On the hotel territory: library, reception

Attractions: slot machines, tennis courts, table tennis, Billiards, concert hall, sauna, therapeutic showers: Charcot, circular, underwater shower-massage with charge, dental paid, bath mineral water source "Gagra" charge, charge herbal bath, psychiatrist services paid, psychiatrist services fee, massage fee

Sanatorium "Amra" - the former sanatorium CPSU Party Congress XVII name, is located a few miles from the center of Gagra on the beach, in your own arboretum of rare and exotic plant species in 24 km from the border (b. Psou).

Check in time: 12:00. Check out time: 12:00.

Hotel opened in 1952, renovated in 2016. In hotel 260 rooms, 3 floors.

The distance to the nearest airport is 35 km.

Prices on 2017 and booking

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2 guests
Children under 170+
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Services and facilities

Parking: Car parking

From seashore 50 m, ~1 min by foot. The beach is private, peeble. The hotel is located on first line from the shore.

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tourist photo
22.10.2016 Max
Amazing architecture. Monumentality and the feeling of "forever" is inscribed in the beauty of mountains and jungle. Worth a visit and appreciate the former power of the Empire. Plus grandma cutting table tennis at night - it's chic!
Was casually walking on the beach, so that the service can not say anything.
Thank you.
tourist photo
07.10.2016 Dmitriy
Best resort in Gagra. Better sea. The water in the second half of September is very warm
08.09.2016 aleksey
As if the USSR has returned
28.08.2016 Andrey
As in the past plunged. The time machine takes you back in the 80s. Service 3 plus. The main thing here is the sea, the mountains and massage.
tourist photo
14.07.2016 Pavel
Great resort, like most in Gagra
tourist photo
16.08.2013 Gryzlik
Wi-Fi for 70 PE day is something
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