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For the village in Prahova County, Romania, see Gornet-Cricov.

Dobrota (Montenegrin: Dobrota/Доброта, Italian: Bonintro) is a town in the Kotor Municipality in coastal Montenegro. Although administratively a separate town, it is de facto part of Kotor, and encompasses most of Kotor's residential area, while town of Kotor administratively encompasses town's historical core. It gained somewhat of a notoriety among the locals, as the home of Montenegro's only psychiatric hospital.

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IMG_0447IMG_0621Kamena church montenegroKreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016DSC08426Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016IMG_0451Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016IMG_20160611_163413IMG_20160611_163417IMG_20160611_163512IMG_20160611_163614IMG_20160611_163457IMG_20160611_163501IMG_20160611_163541IMG_20160611_163535Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016Bouches de Kotor #b (19)Bouches de Kotor #b (18)Dobrota - photo 21IMG_0457Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016Dobrota - photo 24Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016Dobrota - photo 26Kreuzfahrt / Cruise 2016

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17.10.2013 Okvals
I don't know anything about this place! :-)
11.08.2013 Fredie
Nevreme u pravo vreme
04.05.2013 Vladimir
Great place for a real sloth )))
04.10.2012 Dejan
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